dogsWhat is the Best Type of Hot Dog to Sell From Your Hot Dog Cart

You’ve just ordered your brand new hot dog cart with all the bells and whistles. You’ve also managed to get your permits and licenses from the county health department and local authorities. And you’ve also made arrangements with the proper authorities to allow you to set up your food cart on a busy street corner.

But now you’re confronted with the biggest problem all cart vendors go through and it’s summed up in this mind numbing question: “What are the best hot dogs to buy for your hot dog cart business?”

To an outsider, it may seem that a hot dog cart vendor is making a mountain out of a molehill. But to both a newbie and an old timer in the food cart business, it’s a life and death situation. Choosing the best hot dogs in the world makes a big difference: it’s either you stay in the hot dog business and achieve your sales target or you’re out of business – for good.

To find out which brands of hot dogs to buy, just ask yourself these questions: “What franks taste good to you?” “What is your family’s favorite brand?”

Unfortunately, one’s taste is very subjective. So when deciding on which brand of frank and the best hot dogs to buy for your food cart business, you should carefully consider regional tastes.

To be on the safe side, try holding a blind taste tests with close friends, relatives, and neighbors. Based on their feedback, you’ll eventually find out which brand is the “top dog”. Better yet, buy premium dogs if you want your patrons to remember you for your high quality menu. To be the best, you have to serve the best.

To find out what people think of a particular brand, just go online and use the search function. Chances are you’ll find a forum site where members express their brand preferences. Use the results of your search as the basis for deciding which brand of dogs to serve on your hot dog cart.

The next question that comes to mind is: “What is the best way to cook franks?”

The answer to this is quite obvious: cook them the way your customers like them. Hot dogs are boiled, simmered, grilled, fried or steamed. It all boils down to the state or county where you plan to set up your food cart business.

Bear in mind that boiled hot dogs are very popular in the south. While fried franks are preferred in certain parts of the northeast. But in Chicago, hot dogs are simmered. Of course, these are mere assumptions and you can certainly find all of these cooking methods in use all over the country. You may want to take your region’s preferences into account when choosing your cooking method.

Just remember that whether it’s boiled, simmered, grilled, fried or steamed, the hot dog is still one of America’s favorite foods.

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