Food Trailers


Food Trailers For Individuals

So many people in today’s economy are longing for a career that fulfills their need for independence while amply providing for all their financial needs. Food carts or custom food trailers can easily meet these requirements and put the zest back into your life!

At Dog House Hot Dog Carts we are committed to helping you realize your dream of owning a custom food cart or custom food trailers. If your vision exceeds the limitations of standard food carts then call us today at 877.490.6655 and tell us what your ideal food cart or custom food trailers consist of and let us take you from the food trailers concept to reality!

Our custom food trailers and food carts cover the entire spectrum of mobile food concessions and we do not place limits on your ideas for superior food trailers. We are here to help and guide you through the process of defining, designing and building the perfect food trailers or food carts for your new or existing enterprise.

Food Trailers For Businesses

We welcome individual entrepreneurs as well as franchisers and franchisees’ to explore the vast options that await you when considering a custom food cart or custom food trailers. One way to dominate the mobile food concession industry in your area is to offer food truck fare that is more exotic and high-brow than the food on a standard taco truck or hot dog stand. Building custom food trailers or carts is one avenue for you to take to expose the public to your new and creative concepts for pizza and Italian food, pretzels, fried chicken, oriental menus, beer and wine or any menu item you can dream up.

Call Dog House Carts today at 877-490-6655 and we will help you to begin your journey to a life that you design and control. Remember, for custom food trailers, carts or trucks, Dog House Carts is with you from CONCEPT TO REALITY!