Alabama Department of Health Food Cart License

Alabama Department of Health Food Cart License Information

Health code regulations are dictated by Alabama County Health Departments and as a result, they vary across the state of Alabama. In addition to determining what types of foods are allowed to be served, these local health departments may dictate what equipment should be installed on a hot dog cart or any food cart.

County requirements also ensure that the food cart has built-in facilities for achieving appropriate hygiene levels for the cart, the equipment and utensils being used, and the operator handling the food. This may include hot and cold running water, an insulated ice box, and a number of separate sinks for washing hands and utensils. Some areas specify that a cart have as many as four of these sinks.

Alabama local or state codes may require the cart to be physically inspected by the local health department, and that a cart operator attends a training course in safe food handling and preparation.

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 Alabama Department of Public Health

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ADPH – Food Service Forms and Applications

ADPH – Information on Operting Conncessions – PDF

ADPH – Application For A Permit To Operate – PDF

Address Roster of County Health Departments, Health Officers, and Administrators – includes addresses, phone numbers and contact names for all Alabama county health departments.

Public Health Area Map – includes contact information for the 11 Area Health Officers and Area Administrators and a color-coded map of the state with counties and public health areas.

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The following counties have websites that provide information regarding their department and its services:

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